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hdd.jpg (1691 Byte)HDD No Standby v1.0
This is a little batch file that solves the problem of external USB drives going into standby mode (and slowing down the computer a lot!)
It just saves a byte on the external harddrive in a specific interval and deletes it immediately, so the drive won't go into sleep mode.
Tested on my fileserver with 11 external USB HD's and works like a charme with a 90 seconds interval.

BATCH and EXE files for Windows (95,98,XP,7,8,10) 32 and 64 Bit
HDD No Standby v1.0

Music from another century :)
I've made these 5 titles in 1997 with Dance ejay/Dance Machine on my own though I jave no knowledge in making music.
So this is more than 20 years ago!
Still sounds cool.

All 5 titles in a ZIP

Calling for your love.mp3


Everlasting love.mp3

Kiss her awake.mp3

Way to Mars.mp3

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