Note: the game is not finished yet, but will be released in 2018.
If you purchase Eve of Destruction now or you allready own the game,
you'll get the MOD for free once it's released!

Pirates is a free modification for Eve of Destruction - Redux, which was inspired by the Battlefield modification 'Pirates'.

Everything currently in the Pirates mod for Eve of Destruction is obtained either from freely available assets, was purchased online or was self-made.
Pirates offers a wide variety of different ships and boats that with a wide range of naval combat options. The ship's cannons vary greatly on firepower and it takes a lot of practice to be able to hit targets accurately.

Fight in huge sea battles against enemy ships or on land against bots with swords, pistols, axes and muskets.
You can even take a ride in a balloon to get behind enemy lines.

The game is currently available for Singleplayer only. Multiplayer may be added if there is enough interest.

The game is available in combination with Eve of Destruction - Redux at

and in our


Independent game development is very time consuming.

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