current version: 2.0.030 - support    

Paintball 707 is a Paintball Shooter focused on fun, not realism.

There are 8 different 'maps' wich can be played against bots, and also in multiplayer against friends:

An internet connection is recommended for multiplayer but no server is needed. (Multiplayer is working via Photon Cloud and everyone can create a multiplayer-room with a few clicks.)

Target is to capture the enemies flag and of course mark the enemies with colored balls!

In multiplayer these modes are available:
Conquest (capture flags)
Team Deathmatch (Teams fight against the other team)
Deathmatch (everyone fights against each other)

There are gimmicks, wich can be activated by marking them several times:
- Bubbles (Soapbubbles)
- Speed (run speed x 2)
- Gravity (weightlessness)
- Slowmotion (slow-motion)

The game is available at

and in our