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Worldwide Sports Fishing

is a 3D fishing simulator with fishing waters all around the world. A special feature: you can recommend your personal favorite fishing water and -if possible- it gets into the game! Each water has it's own fish species with different drilling characteristics.

PC Game
Worldwide Sports Fishing

for Windows PC

visit Worldwide Sports Fishing-Website
to learn more

5,90 EUR
incl. VAT
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Release: May 2019!

Worldwide Sports Fishing - 3D sports fishing simulation - PC sports fishing game



Eve of Destruction - 3D shooter Vietnam War - PC game Vietnam War

Eve of Destruction - Redux VIETNAM

is a First-Person-Shooter for PC about the Indochina- / Vietnam War era.
Exaggerated depiction of violence has been deliberately omitted.
Landscapes, characters and their names are fictional.

Inkludes the free Modification PIRATES!

PC Game Vietnam War

for Windows, Linux, Mac PC

visit EoD-Website to learn more

9,90 EUR
incl. VAT
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Eve of Destruction - PIRATES

is a free Modification (MOD) for Eve of Destruction, wich comes with the main game.

In the MOD you fight as Marine or Pirate against enemy ships or on land with muskets. Or try to get behind enemy lines with a balloon.

PC Game Pirates

for Windows, Linux, Mac PC

visit Pirates-Website to learn more

free MOD for EoD
buy and download EoD now

Pirates! - Free modification for EoD with pirates and ships - PC game pirates



Eve of Destruction - Punji Edition

Eve of Destruction - Redux VIETNAM and Eve of Destruction - PIRATES on a 4GB USB stick made from bamboo and the EoD logo.

for Windows, Linux, Mac PC

15,90 EUR
incl. VAT plus Shipping
buy Punji Edition and download EoD now

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Paintball 707 - 3D sports shooter - PC game paintball

Paintball 707

is a Paintball Shooter wich is focused on fun, not realism.
Target is to capture the enemies flag and of course mark the enemies with colored balls!

PC Game Paintball

for Windows, Linux, Mac PC

visit Paintball 707-Website to learn more

4,90 EUR
incl. VAT
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RC Fun City

is a singleplayer game about radio controlled vehicles focused on having fun.

You can drive with RC cars, trucks, bus, kart, buggy, monstertruck, boats, ships and also there are planes and bombers, helicopters and drones.
Also there's a rocket base to shoot model rockets into the sky.

PC Game Radio Controlled Vehicles

for Windows, Linux, Mac PC

visit RC Fun City-Website to learn more

3,90 EUR
incl. VAT
buy and download now

RC Fun City - 3D game about radio controlled vehicles - PC game RC


About Agger Interactive

Agger Interactive is an independent One-Man-Gamestudio and was founded in 2013 in Engelskirchen, Germany.
The games are made with Unity 3D and are available in our
Online-Shop and on Steam.

Almost everything is self-made:

  • Ideas for new games
  • Planning for possible implementation
  • Production or procurement of 3D Models, Animations, Textures, Music, Sounds and much more
  • Production of Program-Codes and Menues
  • Development of websites and management of the online shop
  • Support, Advertisement, Management and much more



if you need support or have any questions about the games please contact me via the Contact Form.