PC fishing game

Worldwide Sports Fishing

3D fishing-simulation for Windows, Linux and Mac PC

Worldwide Sports Fishing is a 3D fishing simulation with fishing waters all around the globe.
Each water has it's own fish species with different drilling characteristics.
Caught fishes get stored localy (on PC) and online and you can compare your records
with the records from other players and friends.

Special feature: you can recommend your dream fishing water and it will get into the game - if possible!

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Fishing Waters

There are different fishing waters like rivers, lakes, ponds and coasts where you can go fishing.
Each fishing water has it's own fish species which occur in this water.
You can go fishing anywhere at these waters.

To get to these fishing spots you can run there or use your motorboat or canoe.
In the case of large waters, you also have the opportunity to get to different hotspots with a quick trip!

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Fish Species

The different fishing waters just have the fish species wich are actually found there.
A lot of different fish species, whether fresh- or saltwater, whether predators or non-predators are waiting to be caught.

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Day/Night cycle

Nearly all waters have a Day/Night cycle and you can select the daytime on start of the water.
So it's possible to fish at any day- or night-time you want!

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You also can select the difficulty levels, wich are:
1 - Sunday fisher
2 - Rookie
3 - Normal
4 - Difficult
5 - Professional
Level 5 is similar to real-fishing so it may take a long time to get a bite!
But in level 5 you get five times the number of points for a caught fish, which is reflected
in the world rankings and your own statistics!

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Tournaments / Multiplayer

In game you can participate in tournaments or start your own one and play with friends and other people all around the world.

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Propose new waters

As a special feature, you can suggest your own dream waters for the game.
If possible, this will be included in the game and will be released with the next update.

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